It was Always About You
In exploring the spectrum of human thought, I examine the dichotomy between those content with the material world and those drawn to the vastness of the mind. My thesis delves into the desire to escape life's complexities by retreating into one's mind, illustrating how this escapist mindset evolves as a continuous quest for mental refuge. Personally influenced by the practice of mental surrender, I am intrigued by the psychology behind this coping mechanism.
The oversized garments I interact with symbolize the mind as a protective cocoon, offering a visual metaphor for the sanctuary within my imagination. This portrayal of escapism becomes a dance between confronting life's adversities and seeking solace in a self-crafted haven. Choosing willow trees as a backdrop, I utilize their symbolism of resilience to represent the illusion of living inside my head—a safe, free world where I find comfort. The photographic studio, intentionally chosen, becomes a tangible place for mental expression, symbolizing my imaginative retreat and creative freedom.
The triptych format serves as the artistic focal point, symbolizing the interplay between the imaginative mind and harsh reality. The left image showcases me in an orange garment within my created world, while the middle and right images feature normal-sized clothing, symbolizing a departure from this imaginative realm. The triptych flows from right to left, capturing the transition from my imaginative world to the constraints of reality.
My belief in prioritizing others over myself, influenced by societal expectations, led to a realization of being taken advantage of. To address this, I constructed a mental refuge, allowing me to disengage from external pressures and find solace in a realm where my own needs take precedence.
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