In You, I See Myself
I recently revisited my grandmother's house, the place my father spent the majority of his time when he first moved to Canada with his family. For my dad, this house is a sacred place filled with family history. It's where we have most of our family gatherings, and it was my grandfather's home before he passed away. Even today, it's a place where we create meaningful memories. This house is also important to me because I spent most of my childhood here. My dad is a major influence on me, and this house has contributed to both of our lives in similar ways. It represents not only a home but also an opportunity for me to learn more about my dad and his history.
In You, I See Myself, is a series of images that capture our coexistence in this space, as my dad and I are both deeply connected to the house and each other. For us, this house symbolizes safety and comfort. I have included myself in some of the images to represent our shared memories. In these images, I hope to convey the idea of a shared space that holds a deep meaning to my family. This house has been our sanctuary for as long as we can remember, and it's a place where my dad and myself have evolved. 
I choose to hang up my family's history like clothing, as my history is a part of who I am and how I identify. My dad's history is a part of me and the foundation of who I have become. I believe that preserving and sharing our family history is important for understanding who we are and where we come from. By hanging up my family's history like clothing, I can honour my past and continue to learn about my identity. This project showcases the power of memory and the importance of family in shaping who we are today.
This series is still to be continued. 

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