Breathing Under Water 
I grew up in a traditional family with old customs and long-established ideals. This upbringing came with numerous limitations, and I was taught to never do too much and only do what was expected of me. As I got older and discovered my passion for art, this became a real struggle. I was discouraged and looked at as a disappointment by my family, and this resulted in me becoming rebellious and losing relationships within my family.
This photographic series, however, does not focus on the struggles and dark moments I have experienced. Instead, it portrays who I am now and how I am moving forward. The series explores youth, frustration, and masculinity, and I photographed family members and myself to map the visualization of Asian masculinity. Using family members made it more personal, allowing me to clearly connect my ideas within my images.
Through my self-portraits, I played a role for myself - the right guidance I always needed. This project allowed me to reflect on my personal growth as a person and an artist. It helped me map where I have been and where I want to go.

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