Justynn Roque is a visual artist and photographer with a passion for capturing the essence of life through the lens of his camera. With refined skills in creative direction, studio lighting, and portraiture, Roque has honed his craft to create stunning works of art that are both expressive and thought-provoking.
Primarily working with medium format film photography, Roque's works explore the topics of identity and growth. His use of film photography allows him to capture the raw, authentic moments that often go unnoticed in our fast-paced world. Through his art, Roque seeks to reveal the beauty in imperfection and the importance of embracing our individuality. He believes that art is a powerful tool for self-expression and empowerment, and he strives to use his talents to inspire others to embrace their creativity.
Overall, Roque's art is a celebration of life and the human experience. With each photograph, he invites the viewer to see the world through his eyes and to connect with the emotions and experiences that he captures. Through his work, Roque hopes to inspire others to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the world around us.
For all inquiries:  justynnjr6@gmail.com

2022, Offline RAD Magazine Issue 16, Toronto
2022, Bread & Butter, Ryerson Artspace Gallery, Toronto 
2022, Function Magazine, Issue 23, Toronto 
2022, Maximum Exposure 27, Toronto  
2022, Artspace Creative Market, Toronto
2023, First Edition Book Show, Toronto
2023, Third Year Show, Toronto 

2022, cMagazine Award, Bread & Butter
2022, Studio Spotlight Award, Bread & Butter
2023, cMagazine Award, Artspace Creative Market
2023, Studio Spotlight Award, Artspace Creative Market

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